We are seeking talented and passionate research scientists to join our team. If you are interested in joining us as a postdoctoral fellow, research assistant/associate or graduate student, please send an email along with your CV to or 

Postdoc candidates should have Ph.D., M.D., or an equivalent degree. Previous research experience in metabolism/vascular diseases/physiology, or biochemistry/molecular/cell biology, or related areas is preferred. 

We are accepting graduate students through the Integrated Biomedical Science program at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio ( If you are interested, please email or to discuss.

For research assistant/associate, a bachelor's degree in Biological Science or related field is required. Previous lab experience is preferred. The research assistant/associate will assist in maintaining experimental animal models and conducting various lab experiments. The successful candidate will receive our training on multiple experimental skills, which may include animal study, cell culture, cloning, histological staining, next-generation sequencing library preparation and bioinformatic analysis, DNA/RNA/protein isolation/detection et al.


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