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Selected Publications

1. Palmieri, M., Almeida, M., Nookaew, I., Gomez-Acevedo, H., Joseph, T., Que, X., Tsimikas, S., Sun, X., Manolagas, S.C., Witztum, J.L., Ambrogini, E.. (2021). Neutralization of oxidized phospholipids attenuates age-associated bone loss in mice. Aging Cell 2021:e13442

2. Xu, S., Chaudhary, O., Rodriguez-Morales, P., Sun, X., Zappasodi, R., Xu, Z., Pinto, A., Williams, A., Chen, D., Low, J., Garskoglu, Y., Tang, W., Wang, H., Varanasi, S., McDonald, B., Tripple, V., Downes, M., Evans, R., Abumrad, N., Merghoub, T., Wolchok, J., Shokhirev, M., Ho, P., Witztum, J., Emu, B., Cui, G., Kaech, S. (2021) Oxidized Lipids and CD36-Mediated Lipid Peroxidation in CD8 T Cells Suppress Anti-Tumor Immune Responses. Immunity 54, 1-17

3.  Zhao, P.*#, Sun, X.*, Chaggan, C., Liao, Z., In Wong, K., He, F., Singh, S., Loomba, R., Karin, M., Witztum, J. L., and Saltiel, A. R#. (2020) An AMPK-caspase-6 axis controls liver damage in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Science 367, 652-660. (#co-corresponding authors; *co-first authors)

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4. Zhao, P., and Saltiel, A. R. (2020) Interaction of Adipocyte Metabolic and Immune Functions Through TBK1. Front in Immunol 11:592949

5. Zhao, P., and Saltiel, A. R. (2020) From overnutrition to liver injury: AMP-activated protein kinase in nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases. J Biol Chem 295, 12279-12289

6.  Sun, X.#, Seidman, J. S., Zhao, P., Troutman, T. D., Spann, N. J., Que, X., Zhou, F., Liao, Z., Pasillas, M., Yang, X., Magida, J. A., Kisseleva, T., Brenner, D. A., Downes, M., Evans, R. M., Saltiel, A. R., Tsimikas, S., Glass, C. K., and Witztum, J. L#. (2020) Neutralization of Oxidized Phospholipids Ameliorates Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Cell Metab 31, 189-206 e188. (#co-corresponding authors)

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7.  Seidman, J. S., Troutman, T. D., Sakai, M., Gola, A., Spann, N. J., Bennett, H., Bruni, C. M., Ouyang, Z., Li, R. Z., Sun, X., Vu, B. T., Pasillas, M. P., Ego, K. M., Gosselin, D., Link, V. M., Chong, L. W., Evans, R. M., Thompson, B. M., McDonald, J. G., Hosseini, M., Witztum, J. L., Germain, R. N., and Glass, C. K. (2020) Niche-Specific Reprogramming of Epigenetic Landscapes Drives Myeloid Cell Diversity in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. Immunity 52, 1057-1074 e1057

8.  Reilly, S. M., Hung, C. W., Ahmadian, M., Zhao, P., Keinan, O., Gomez, A. V., DeLuca, J. H., Dadpey, B., Lu, D., Zaid, J., Poirier, B., Peng, X., Yu, R. T., Downes, M., Liddle, C., Evans, R. M., Murphy, A. N., and Saltiel, A. R. (2020) Catecholamines suppress fatty acid re-esterification and increase oxidation in white adipocytes via STAT3. Nat Metab 2, 620-634

9.  Sun, X., Lv, H., Zhao, P., He, J., Cui, Q., Wei, M., Feng, S., and Zhu, Y. (2019) Commutative regulation between endothelial NO synthase and insulin receptor substrate 2 by microRNAs. J Mol Cell Biol 11, 509-520

10.  Zhao, P., Wong, K. I., Sun, X., Reilly, S. M., Uhm, M., Liao, Z., Skorobogatko, Y., and Saltiel, A. R. (2018) TBK1 at the Crossroads of Inflammation and Energy Homeostasis in Adipose Tissue. Cell 172, 731-743 e712

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11.  Skorobogatko, Y., Dragan, M., Cordon, C., Reilly, S. M., Hung, C. W., Xia, W., Zhao, P., Wallace, M., Lackey, D. E., Chen, X. W., Osborn, O., Bogner-Strauss, J. G., Theodorescu, D., Metallo, C. M., Olefsky, J. M., and Saltiel, A. R. (2018) RalA controls glucose homeostasis by regulating glucose uptake in brown fat. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115, 7819-7824

12.  Que, X., Hung, M. Y., Yeang, C., Gonen, A., Prohaska, T. A., Sun, X., Diehl, C., Maatta, A., Gaddis, D. E., Bowden, K., Pattison, J., MacDonald, J. G., Yla-Herttuala, S., Mellon, P. L., Hedrick, C. C., Ley, K., Miller, Y. I., Glass, C. K., Peterson, K. L., Binder, C. J., Tsimikas, S., and Witztum, J. L. (2018) Oxidized phospholipids are proinflammatory and proatherogenic in hypercholesterolaemic mice. Nature 558, 301-306

13.  Kim, J. Y., Garcia-Carbonell, R., Yamachika, S., Zhao, P., Dhar, D., Loomba, R., Kaufman, R. J., Saltiel, A. R., and Karin, M. (2018) ER Stress Drives Lipogenesis and Steatohepatitis via Caspase-2 Activation of S1P. Cell 175, 133-145 e115

14.  Oral, E. A., Reilly, S. M., Gomez, A. V., Meral, R., Butz, L., Ajluni, N., Chenevert, T. L., Korytnaya, E., Neidert, A. H., Hench, R., Rus, D., Horowitz, J. F., Poirier, B., Zhao, P., Lehmann, K., Jain, M., Yu, R., Liddle, C., Ahmadian, M., Downes, M., Evans, R. M., and Saltiel, A. R. (2017) Inhibition of IKKvarepsilon and TBK1 Improves Glucose Control in a Subset of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Cell Metab 26, 157-170 e157

15. Shentu, T., He, M., Sun, X., Zhang, J., Zhang, F., Gongol, B., Marin, T., Zhang, J., Wen, L., Wang, Y., Geary, G., Zhu, Y., Johnson, D., Shyy, J. (2016) AMP-Activated Protein Kinase and Sirtuin 1 Coregulation of Cortactin Contributes to Endothelial Function. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 36(12):2358-2368

16.  Sun, X., Fu, Y., Gu, M., Zhang, L., Li, D., Li, H., Chien, S., Shyy, J. Y., and Zhu, Y. (2016) Activation of integrin alpha5 mediated by flow requires its translocation to membrane lipid rafts in vascular endothelial cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113, 769-774

17. Zhang, D., Sun, X., Liu, J., Xie, X., Cui, W., Zhu, Y. (2015) Homocysteine accelerates senescence of endothelial cells via DNA hypomethylation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 35(1):71-8

18.  Zhao, P., Elks, C. M., and Stephens, J. M. (2014) The induction of lipocalin-2 protein expression in vivo and in vitro. J Biol Chem 289, 5960-5969

19.  Zhao, P., and Stephens, J. M. (2013) STAT1, NF-kappaB and ERKs play a role in the induction of lipocalin-2 expression in adipocytes. Mol Metab 2, 161-170

20.  Zhao, P., and Stephens, J. M. (2013) Identification of STAT target genes in adipocytes. JAKSTAT 2, e23092

21.  Gu, M. X.*, Fu, Y.*, Sun, X. L.*, Ding, Y. Z., Li, C. H., Pang, W., Pan, S., and Zhu, Y. (2012) Proteomic analysis of endothelial lipid rafts reveals a novel role of statins in antioxidation. J Proteome Res 11, 2365-2373. (*co-first authors)